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[Pinned] Post your UI (3rd edition?)

Bored + talking about UI + time to bring it backps., prentas likes to look at herself in her UI all day long
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[Pinned] Raid Tours and 25M Runs

Pick what you want and send a in-game mail to Alex with your name, order, times you are available in-game. Feel free to ask questions and pst the advertiser in trade for more information. Our average runtime is usually <2 hours for any raid, so...
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[Pinned] [APPS] Start Here

Recruitment Needs: [August 1st, 2012]If you believe you are an exceptional player who can compete with our current membership, feel free to submit an application regardless of class. If your class is not listed means that we are comfortable with o...
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We are finally getting merged!

We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, February 6th during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PST through approximately 1:00 p.m. PST. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.Hydraxis and...
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The NSA is watching!
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One World Order

I have an odd hunger for opposing views etc, so I often read the most bizarre things.Obviously everyone slants things to better fit what they want to believe, but this still had some information I found very interesting, specifically the last 30 m...
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Crafted belts

Overall Priority: (first number is their current belt ilvl, next is the source of where I think they are going to get an upgrade from raid, and lastly their total ilvl)1) Aethia - 522 - juggernaut - 5402) Karl - 522 - Spoils - 5423) Nelasha - 522...
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Paragons of the Klaxxi

Tank1-> Rik'kal the Dissector - Tank must maintain 100% uptime on active mitigation to avoid injection. One person becomes a scorpion, they cast sting on the boss and spam swipe (I think). They also use PREY to instantly kill any parasites tha...
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Amazing 3 seconds in if you look up the mountain you can see a piece break loose.
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Post your UI here noobs

my mouse has 14 buttons
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Lei Shen Kill Vid on!
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Spring Break Schedule

This week is spring break for nearly half the raiding roster. Next Throne of Thunder raid is 4/16.This week's alternate activities:Tuesday - 530pm LFR first 9 bosses in ToT, 90 minute speed clear.Wednesday - 5:30 pm Challenge Mode Gold - 90 minute...
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Protectors of the Endless is Steelbreaker. Three bosses, separate health pools, killing one heals the others, grants a new ability, and increase their damage done by 25%. Icyveins suggested the ea...
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With the BMAH, massive amounts of gold give you a competitive edge. We've already gotten several pieces. But our players are going to OOG (see what I did there?) if we drop chunks this large every tier. We need to put the gbank on the charger and ...
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Golden Lotus/Herb Donation

As I said I would, I'm creating this thread to keep track of Golden Lotus / Herb Donation from the group, beginning with tonight:Coolieolyo:24x Golden Lotus4xflasks usedVanish:8kg8xflasks usedSmelly:20x Golden Lotus8xflasks usedWillie:4xflasks use...
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August Celestials Reputation

Once you hit revered with The Golden Lotus, you unlock Shado-Pan and August Celestials. Unlike most factions, AC will have you questing in a different zone each day. The quartermaster in the lower ring of the new cities will give you a quest sendi...
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How to make raid feasts in MoP

Feasts are now called banquets. Great banquets feed 25 people, banquets feed 10. The mats for them are best gathered as a guild via dailies as described below.I haven't leveled the new cooking skills, but from what I've gathered, there are 5 speci...
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Shaman Brain Trust v5.1

Please note that this is in the public forums, which means you can refer people with questions to come here. Also, this time around, I haven't included any basics, so someone new to the class would be better off looking for a simpler guide.------...
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Realm Firsts

A heartfelt congratulations I send to you all on your dedication, also this:
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