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Core 2 Clears Madness and a Much Needed Recruitment Update

Alex / May 08, 2012

Congratulations on Core 2's Heroic Madness Kill! Pictured illegibly above are Teagor, Teeg, Defbanga, Virtue, Xinryu, Kennyhealya, Xenivid, Coolieolyo, Roxzey, and Smelly.

Our recruitment continues for Mists of Pandaria as we go beyond live and settle into the hell that is Beta.

Group 1 is still looking for a Mage
Group 2 is open for mass recruitment, (but we are still looking for key Druids, Paladin, Priests, Shamans, and Mages) competitive positions are available in this group EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

If you feel you have the right stuff, apply, regardless of the classes listed. Any and all exceptional players are encouraged to apply.


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