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Submitted on: Feb 06, 2015 at 11:52 PM

Personal Information

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Race and Class
Orc Rogue
Main Spec


Off Spec


Are you comfortable playing your offspec when the raid composition requires it?


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Technical Information

What is your Ping, Download and Upload Speed? []

14ms, 29.67mbps download, 6.09mbps upload

What is your computer set up (i.e. Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM etc..)?
Please post a screenshot of your raiding UI, preferably using


Please briefly describe your notable raiding accomplishments, completed as current content.

I've raided through most of WoW's expansions since vanilla, taking a major break during MoP due to a changing overnight work schedule that made it very difficult for me to commit to a raiding guild.

What previous guilds have you been in, and on what servers?

During Cataclysm I raided with a guild called Hex on the Doomhammer-US server which became inactive, followed by a brief stint in the guild Squirrel Legion before I had to leave due to my new work schedule as MoP began. For WoD I've been raiding with the guild Overtuned on the Thrall-US server.

What caused you to leave your former guilds?

I joined my current guild during the first few weeks of Highmaul, and I am not happy with the overall atmosphere and the way that the officers handle progression and accountability.

Why do you wish to join Velocity as opposed to other guilds?

I've known Selcath for a while, and Velocity seems like it could be a good fit for me.

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I suppose I've left some of these responses a bit vague. If you have any further questions I would be more than happy to respond to them.



Whoops, overlooked my response to current raid progression. I am currently 1/7 Mythic HM, and 9/10 Normal BRF.
Seacucumber - feel free to contact me in-game to sign up for the raid on Tuesday 10 Feb, 2015. Or, sign-up at &

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