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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Feb 07, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Personal Information

Player Name


General Location




WoW Information

Race and Class
Orc Warlock
Main Spec


Off Spec


Are you comfortable playing your offspec when the raid composition requires it?


Please leave a link to one of your recent raiding logs

I need to install Mr.Robot and start collecting though, usually rely on officers / guildies for that data. I'll start collecting it though.

Technical Information

What is your Ping, Download and Upload Speed? []
What is your computer set up (i.e. Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM etc..)?

Asus Notebook G&3Sw Series

Processor : Intel R Core TM i7-2630QM CPI @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz


System : 64 bit Windows 7

Please post a screenshot of your raiding UI, preferably using

I use DBM / WeakAuras / Bartender / Recount / Tidyplates and GTFO addons for raiding

I also have Bigwigs installed and am willing to tweak my UI given enough notice.


Please briefly describe your notable raiding accomplishments, completed as current content.


6/7 Heroic

1/7 Mythic

BRF - 3/10 Normal

What previous guilds have you been in, and on what servers?

Karma - Deathwing

Strategy - Deathwing

What caused you to leave your former guilds?

Just started playing raiding content so Karma didn't like that I was a newbie and couldn't carry DPS for progression.

Strategy has been a good guild but there are a few key members (tanks / heals) not performing well and I am getting frustrated with them. I feel like I've gotten my feet wet and can DPS well enough that I might reapply to Karma or other high end guilds on the Deathwing Server for Mythic Content.

Ultimately, I want to clear mythic content and need a regular guild for that purpose.

Why do you wish to join Velocity as opposed to other guilds?

Saw you guys advertising in trade chat, I'm applying everywhere though.

Talk Back!

Have any questions for us? Leave them below, and we will try to answer them!

What's the turnover rate for Velocity?

How professional is your raiding environment / group? Does having fun and making progression get in the way of each other?

How often are key members (heals / tanks) not showing up for raids?



As one of the original members of Velocity, I can say the turnover rate is extremely low. Most players decide to quit on their own due to personal reasons. Raid wise we rarely bench since we look for commitment and skill during the trial process.

Our raiding group is pretty chill, drama is pretty low since its not tolerated. We clear content at a comfortable pace, so there is not so much burn out. With the new lockout system, anyone can clear the content at their own pace but you are still expected to join us for raid days.

Key members show up for raid 85-90% of the time, we do understand that real life is a priority and we do have back ups in place.

Out of curiosity, why herbalism and skinning after the profession changes?

Akhann - we appreciate your time to apply to our guild. However, we do not currently need additional cloth DPS. We do hope the best for you in your endeavors.


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