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Submitted on: Mar 04, 2015 at 08:39 PM

Personal Information

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General Location

West Coast US



WoW Information

Race and Class
Tauren Shaman
Main Spec


Off Spec


Are you comfortable playing your offspec when the raid composition requires it?


Please leave a link to one of your recent raiding logs

Technical Information

What is your Ping, Download and Upload Speed? []

75-90 Ping, 60mbps down, 6mbps up.

What is your computer set up (i.e. Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM etc..)?
Please post a screenshot of your raiding UI, preferably using


Please briefly describe your notable raiding accomplishments, completed as current content.

Personally, I can't say I have many notable kills in raiding. Most raiding guilds that I've been a part of fall apart. The most current raiding content I've pushed WoWlk. My guild at the time "Red Faction" had great attendance so we pushed all the 25 man content reliably.

I've rolled pure dps this expansion on my shaman, which is very out of the ordinary for me. I've been a main healer in the past, and I've prided myself on my healing efficiency. Where other healers stacked more spirit to compensate for their gross over healing, I've always got to stack more of whatever secondary stat I've needed. I've decided to roll pure dps on my shaman because frankly I don't like shaman healing at the moment. It just feels clunky in comparison to other healers.

What previous guilds have you been in, and on what servers?

Red Faction, We Flask for Trash and now Angels of Anarchy are the notable ones. I've had others in vanilla and BC, all on Shattered Halls, but it's been so long I can't remember what they were called.

What caused you to leave your former guilds?

I've never left any of the guilds that I've been a part of, or at least not until they disband. I've been through a couple of mergers, but they usually fall apart. I've of course been kicked from guilds when I've gone on Hiatus in the past though.

Why do you wish to join Velocity as opposed to other guilds?

Easy, I want to be pushing content. If you guys are pushing mythic content like I hear you are, you must be doing something right. I like my boss fights to be RNG based. When my groups wipes on mechanics, I need them to learn what they did wrong so they can improve as best as possible. A guild needs to mechanically sound and familiar with fights so they can adjust when RNG isn't in their favor. If they are wiping on mechanics, they have little hope for downing bosses when everything isn't in their favor. I'm looking for a guild can adapt, learn, communicate and preform boss fights on an average basis. I think this guild and it's member can fit the bill, and I would like to be a part that progression.

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What is your policy on alts? Currently I'm in the awkward position between several classes for each role (Healy druid, dps shaman, tank monk.) Does your guild do any alt runs or do you have a carry policy of some kind for players looking to branch out?



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