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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Apr 29, 2015 at 06:40 PM

Personal Information

Player Name

Travis Kingsbury

General Location

South Carolina



WoW Information

Race and Class
Pandaren Monk
Main Spec


Off Spec


Are you comfortable playing your offspec when the raid composition requires it?


Please leave a link to one of your recent raiding logs


Technical Information

What is your Ping, Download and Upload Speed? []

Ping, 66ms. Download 5.56 Mbps. Upload 0.27 Mbps

What is your computer set up (i.e. Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM etc..)?

Asus G20AJ
CPU: Intel® Core i3 Processor 4150
RAM: 16G

Please post a screenshot of your raiding UI, preferably using


Please briefly describe your notable raiding accomplishments, completed as current content.


What previous guilds have you been in, and on what servers?

FogOfWar - Shattered Halls

What caused you to leave your former guilds?

Before transfering to alliance, I went on a hiatus, as well as coming back from thus hiatus I went to a PvP guild and only PvP'd.

Why do you wish to join Velocity as opposed to other guilds?

I have history with one of your raiders, Taracom. He said good things about the guild and that they're competent in raids, well organized; things that you want to hear in a good raiding guild.

Talk Back!

Have any questions for us? Leave them below, and we will try to answer them!

Not exactly a question, but an explanation.

Yes, the armory I gave you is a level 90, and no, I have not raided in current content (very briefly at least, first boss.) But I have a massive history in raiding in the past; from Burning Crusade up until the beginning in Pandaria only. Being mostly a raid healer most of the time on my druid (the name has changed multiple times, if you want to know the names I can list them out.) and a tank healer on my pally in WotLK era, I am more than certain I can compare to the performance in my healing with others. I get how raids work. I am not one to cry about not getting that piece of gear that run even though in my opinion I needed it more; their is a method to every raid leaders plan. I understand arriving online early, being flasked/repaired and to be enchanting with all adequate enchants. I'm willing to put the work into getting a spot if given the chance, and I know once that chance is given and shown, I won't be a waste of your time. I'm also flexible in the class/spec that you require, given I have played them all enough to understand their separate play styles and rotations.

With that said, I also completely understand as well if I do not get the spot; yes, I would be new, on top of that there would be an issue with my gear in the beginning. However the experience is there, as well as the commitment. Thanks for your time in reading over my application, I hope to hear from you soon!



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